5 Days Horton Plains & Udawalawe Safari

Day 1:  Thangamalay Forest Reserve, Haputale – Ohiya

Day 2:  Horton Plains and World´s End

Day 3:  Bambarakanda Waterfall Trek

Day 3:  Ella and Ella Rock Trekking

Day 4:  Udawalawe National Park Jeep Safari

Day 5:  Check out from Udawalawe, free transport along our Route


Thangamalay Forest Reserve, Haputale – Ohiya

Trekking up the mountains to the highest located Lodge in Sri Lanka.

Meeting Point at Sri Lak View Hotel Haputale at 08:00 AM. In the early morning, we start the Trek through the Thangamalay Forest Reserve, via Eucalyptus forests and jungle, via tea estates and wonderful countrysides seeing Sri Lanka from its best side. This route is one of the hidden treks which usually stay undiscovered by the average tourist and includes a way through impressive tea estates and gorgeous hill countrysides. The entire Trek will take approximately 6 hours but rewards the participants with unique impressions. We overnight in our Trekking Lodge, Misty Mountain Lodge far off from any village or town. Here we are able to see enormous amounts of stars and shooting stars at night. Surely a highlight of this region.

Location: Thangamalay Forest Reserve 2000m
Altitude: max 2100m
Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 18km
Start Point: Haputale 1420m
End Point: Misty Mountain Lodge 1610m


Horton Plains National Park and World’s End

Hike on Sri Lanka’s highest plateau, see unique birds and dramatic panoramas.

After breakfast at Misty Mountain Lodge, we’ll trek up to the Horton Plains, Sri Lanka’s highest plateau of more than 2250 meters above sea level. This is one of most beautiful treks passing by various landscapes of untouched hills and grass areas including spectacular views. From the 1200m high World’s End, we can admire the excellent view and numerous rare bird species. Afterward, we go on to the marvelous Baker’s Waterfalls, 5-6 hours hike. After lunch, the Trek leads us to our Bungalow in the Tea Plantation. Overnight at Misty Mountain Lodge.

Location: Horton Plains 2100m
Altitude: max 2300m
Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 12km
Start Point: Misty Mountain Lodge 1610m
End Point: Misty Mountain Lodge 1610m

(Excluded Horton Plains entrance fee of about 25USD/person)


Bambarakanda Waterfall Trek

Trek down from the Lodge, swim in Lankafalls.

Starting Point Misty Mountain Lodge 08:00 AM

To return and trek down from the mountains, we will hike to the Bambarakanda Waterfall. The highest in Sri Lanka. We will hike over hills with infinite panoramas and more waterfalls, to a smaller waterfall and have a swim there. Later we will meet our bus that will take us back to Haputale. Overnight in Sri Lak View.

Location: Bambarakanda Waterfall 1050m
Altitude: max 1800 m
Duration: 5 hrs
Distance: 13km
Start Point: Misty Moutain Lodge 1610m
End Point: Kalupahana 900m


Ella Rock and Ella Village

The recently famous area of Ella, good views, easy walking.

At 08:00 Am we transfer with the Wonderbus to Ella. Check in to our accommodation for this day. At 09:00 am we start our trek to the famous Ella Rock. We visit the nearby located villages, walk through paddy fields and pine forests. To get some even better views, of this highly fertile area, we take a ride on the local train – a short distance- to reach Ella Village again. Roughly 4 hours trekking. With amazing views over this rich and, partly still, untouched Hillcountry. Overnight in Ella Flower Garden Resort.


Udawalawe National Park Jeep Safari Trip

Wildlife and Jeep Safari deep into Sri Lanka’s nature.

Comfortably the bus will pick us up at the Hotel and transfer us to Udawalawe. Today we dedicate our day to the National Park of Udawalawe. Here in this very flat terrain we spot huge groups of wild elephants. By Jeep, we drive into the National Park to see the animals in their natural habitat. A local park ranger whom guides us and explains the animals behaviors and daily lives to us. Hyenas, crocodiles, as well as lots of birds, can be spotted here. Our lodge is located about 30 min drive from the park entrance in a completely untouched village – which is an attraction by itself – surrounded by many flying Peacocks and Hornbills. Overnight in Udawalawe Mastodon Safari Tent/Bungalow.


Prices include:

  • Trekking Guide 4 Days
  • Jeep Safari in National Park of Udawalawe + Park Guide and Entrance Fees
  • 4x Lunch packs / Picnic
  • 4 x Dinner, 4 x Breakfast
  • 2 nights in Misty Mountain Lodge, 1 night in Ella Flower Garden Resort, 1 night in Udawalawe Mastodon Safari Tent/Bungalow
  • All transfers (bus tickets) included


350 € 1 pax in Double Room
480 € 1 pax in Single Room



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